I proposed an idea to speak at YAPC in Kiev, so I travelled internationally to speak. The event gave me a free ticket, and I was not paid to speak. The event did not pay for my travel and accommodation. My employer did not pay my travel expenses, and I was working while speaking at the event. It took me 3 days to prepare for my 20 minutes speaking slot, and I had a mostly good time. I'm a man who has been speaking for 12 years. This was a not for profit event. Also, I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and I'm no longer in a financial position to take several days to write a talk, as well as spending a large sum on travel and accommodation. (The tickets for the conferences I attend most are in the US$100 range; a free ticket at that price in exchange for spending literally days preparing a talk is a poor financial deal.)

Submitted in late October 2015