I was invited to speak at NoSQL Now in San Jose, so I travelled domestically to speak. The event offered me a discounted ticket to buy. The event did not pay for my travel and accommodation. My employer paid some of my travel expenses, and I was working while speaking at the event. It took me 2 days to prepare for my 20 minutes speaking slot, and I had a mostly bad time. I'm a man who has been speaking for 1 year. This was a for profit event. Also, My employer paid for my speaking slot, paid for a ticket, paid for most travel expenses. The responsibility of speaking got assigned, then passed on from two people in higher positions at the company, and finally I had a few days to prepare both the talk and four days of travel. As a father of two pre-school aged children this was a huge burden on my family, and I personally got nothing out of the experience.

Submitted in late October 2015