I proposed an idea to speak at SassConf in Austin, TX, so I travelled domestically to speak. The event gave me a free ticket, and I was not paid to speak. My travel and accommodation was fully covered by the event. My employer did not pay my travel expenses, and I was working while speaking at the event. It took me 1 week to prepare for my 15 minutes speaking slot, and I had a great time. I'm a man who has been speaking for 0 months. This was a not for profit event. Also, the conference organizers are friendly and supportive, and consistently went out of their way to make sure the conference was a welcoming and safe environment for everyone. They also provided scholarships to cover expenses for a few people (from demographics under-represented in tech) who couldn't otherwise afford to come. Talks were submitted in an open forum (via Github issues) and the organizers were very transparent about their selection process. They aimed for diversity of both topics and speakers. Organizers offered mentorship and feedback for speakers, as early as the proposal stage and all the way through the event. Communication was easy and frequent; speakers and attendees alike had access to whatever resources and info we needed. Also, they gave speakers the option to either book their own travel and get reimbursed, or to let the organizers handle everything, which gave us a lot of flexibility. I ended up booking my own plane tickets and letting them handle booking an Airbnb (there were several "speaker houses" booked this way).

Submitted in mid November 2015